A photo of the Terra system for hot flashes. Includes the mattress pad, the sensor bracelet, and the cooling hub.

Terra System Preorder

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The wearable system that predicts and stops hot flashes before they disrupt your rest. Proven to reduce nighttime hot flash severity by 70%. Easy to use. Risk-free 30 day return policy.

Shipping April 2024. Includes the Terra smart bracelet, the Terra rapid-cooling mattress pad, and the Terra app.

A render of the Terra system hub, which connects to the mattress cooling pad to cool the user down.A red sensor bracelet, which detects hot flashes as they occur, so the mattress pad can cool the user down

What's included?

Terra smart cooling mattress pad: The mattress pad and cooling hub components. Includes the pad, the cooling hub, and all necessary cables.

Terra sensor bracelet: A bracelet that helps us know when to cool you down. Comes with charger.

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How it works

A Terra sensor bracelet on a nightstand

Predict hot flashes.  Sensors on the bracelet track your skin characteristics. We then use state-of-the-art machine learning to predict your hot flashes before they wake you up.

A women sleeping peacefully with a Terra sensor bracelet on her wrist

Counteract hot flashes. Within seconds of sensing hot flashes, the pad cools you almost instantly, ensuring you experience shorter, less disruptive episodes for more restful sleep.


If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can return the Terra within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund.

The sensor bracelet detects the onset of a hot flash, and tells the mattress pad to cool you down proactively (though you can also manually tell it to cool down). This can often keep you asleep during a hot flash. The bracelet also measures sleep quality, which you can review the next morning.

Yes! We walk you through how to replace the water in the tank every few months through a hassle-free process.

Your data is yours - we will never sell or give your data to third parties without your explicit permission. Anonymized data may be used to improve the device's accuracy.

Eight Sleep is designed for gradual temperature adjustment, whereas Terra is designed for instant relief. When you get a hot flash, Terra can detect it and cool you down automatically, instantly.

It takes Terra less than 30 seconds to initially cool you down. It can cool over 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Once cooled, it can continue keeping you cool until your hot flash has subsided.