Stay cool and sleep soundly
all night with Terra

The wearable system that predicts and stops
hot flashes before they disrupt your rest.

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A photo of the Terra system for hot flashes. Includes the mattress pad, the sensor bracelet, and the cooling hub.
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Terra delivers instant hot flash
relief, and better sleep

Watch this video for a quick rundown of how Terra works.

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How Terra works

A Terra sensor bracelet on a nightstand

Predict hot flashes.  Sensors on the bracelet track your skin characteristics. We then use state-of-the-art machine learning to predict your hot flashes before they wake you up.

A women sleeping peacefully with a Terra sensor bracelet on her wrist

Counteract hot flashes. Within seconds of sensing hot flashes, the pad cools you almost instantly, ensuring you experience shorter, less disruptive episodes for more restful sleep.

Reduced hot flash severity
Less time awake from hot flashes
30 ℉
Cooling power
Seconds for initial cooling

Proven to reduce nighttime hot flash severity by 70%

What our women are saying…

Not having to get out of bed when I have a hot flash is a total game changer. I fall back asleep like 5 times faster.
A smiling woman at the beach
Mary, age 50
Two womens' hands pressed together, wearing the Amira hot flash detection bracelet
I didn't even notice my hot flashes last night… and I'm pretty sure I had a few.
Amira Terra bracelets surrounded by fresh fruit
Kate, age 58
A smiling woman standing in front of a sunny lake, showing off her Terra sensor bracelet
When are you bringing it back to my house? I want it!
A photo of the complete Terra system - the band and the mattress pad.
Jennifer, age 53
A smiling woman riding a bike, shower off her Terra sensor bracelet
A smiling portrait of Dr. Lareesa Ferdinand

"Terra is the most innovative solution I've seen to sleep disruption from hot flashes in nearly 20 years of practice."

Dr. Lareesa Ferdinand is a women’s hormone expert, integrative
health advocate, board certified OBGYN, mentor, & author.

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A photo of the complete Terra system - the band and the mattress pad.
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