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Brought to you by a women led MIT team of AI researchers and nuclear fusion engineers dedicated to the quest of re-inventing the reality of menopause. Because women deserve better.

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Longevity science where & when it counts


symptoms of menopause matched with almost no training or coverage in our healthcare system for the complexities of this stage of life

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7.4 years

is the average duration of menopausal symptoms

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1 in 10

women quitting their jobs due to menopause left unrelieved

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AI Health Coach

Meet Amy, the World's First AI Menopause Health Coach

Menopause care is not a one size fits all. Amy empowers you with the knowledge and personalized care you deserve to reclaim your power on your menopause journey.

Expert Personalized Care

It’s time you were seen fully and cared for holistically. Amy, ready at your fingertips, analyzes every nuance and complexity of yours with the largest knowledge base of the latest scientific and medical consensus.

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Available 24/7, 

Amy’s got no shortage of time.

No more waiting. No more getting rushed out of the doctor's office after being unheard. Amy’s got all the time in the world to hear you out and on a moment’s notice share the comprehensive answer to what the hell is going on.

Empathic AI that Never Judges

A friendly & empathetic friend who listens and never tells. The style of care you desire is the path we will assist you down in the manner you like.

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Terra solution

The end to nighttime hot flashes is on its way!

Be one of the first to receive the wearable system that predicts and preemptively counteracts hot flashes keeping you asleep all night long.

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We want to hear your story, your desires and shape our collective female future around you.

Join the army of women contributing their thoughts to menopause’s re-invention with the Amira team.

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