Bridging Science & Tech To End Nighttime Hot Flashes.

The wearable system that predicts and preemptively counteracts hot flashes keeping you asleep all night long.

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What Is Terra

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How It Works

Novel Sensing to See You in a New Light

The novel wearable bracelet collects & monitors you in a way other sensor bracelets can’t.

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The Amira Terra wristband in blue
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Predicts Hot Flashes

The wearable bracelet predicts hot flashes preemptively actuating the cooling mattress pad so you stay sleeping through your hot flash.

Counteracts Hot Flashes

Once the hot flash has been detected, the cooling mattress pad activates by quietly pumping pre-cooled water through the matt ensuring women experience shorter, less disruptive episodes for a more restful sleep.

The Amira Terra wristband in white
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What Is Terra

meaning "baked earth" like terracotta, is healing, wise, and purifying.

A red striated rock formation over a peaceful pond

Just like terracotta absorbs excess water acting as nature's original external temperature regulator, Terra's full-body cooling seamlessly integrates with your body, mind, and soul, empowering you to take control of this important phase of life and shine bright.

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A red striated rock formation

The terracotta is a lively color that appears in nature. It is purifying, kind, rich, and full of ancestral wisdom. It has followed humankind throughout its transformations through civilizations and yet remains trusted.


Peaceful waves rolling up to a beach

Cold bodies of water rushing on a planetary level, creating movement, rhythm, and life. The relief of the Amira cold pad is reminiscent of an ocean wave taking over the woman’s body.

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A photograph of a reddish moon

Woman and the Moon have been linked in mythology, astrology, and cycles. As the woman transitions from fertility to maturity, the moon keeps an eye on her and affirms her everlasting femininity.

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Clouds rolling over a giant grassy hill

The mass of a celestial body influences the space it lives in, by distorting the fabric of the universe and influencing the way bodies move around one another. Amira represents the gentle influence of the Moon on the woman’s transformation through menopause.

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What our women are saying…

I didn't even notice my hot flashes last night… and I'm pretty sure I had a few.

- Paula, 55

When are you bringing it back to my house? I want it!

- Mary, 49

A smiling woman at the beach

Not having to get out of bed when I have a hot flash is a total game changer. I fell back asleep like 5 times faster.

- Tasha, 53